October 2017 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Secrets

The latest furniture catalog is HERE! Click read more for all the hidden item locations!

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Club Penguin Rewritten is in danger

Hey penguin pals,

This post will be a little different today. Here at CPR Cheats, we strive to give all our viewers the latest updates as soon as possible as we have said many times before. Today we are taking a step back and asking you, the audience, to please help as something has happened that I never thought would to CPR itself. It has come to our attention that Disney has taken legal action against CPR and it attempting to cease their domain name and services. This means that CPR is in danger of closing down for good.

Announced by the team via Twitter yesterday, they are asking us to help support them in order to protest Disney and stay alive. As much as I love CPR, I would hate to see it go as it has filled a gap that the old Club Penguin left when it shut down.

How can I help? Please click here to sign the petition. As of the writing of this post, we have more than half and hopefully we are able to reach the 7500 mark very quickly. Also, as seen in the tweet above, you may also contact CP directly and tell them how much you want to keep CPR.

Thank you everyone for your support and we will keep you updated with this situation.

-CPR Cheats Team

October 2017 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

YAY! The brand new Penguin Style Catalog for October 2017 has been released, and it features some awesome items. Continue reading for ALL the hidden/secret item locations!

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Fall Fair + HUGE updates!

Howdy penguins! After almost a week delay of the Fall Fair, it’s finally here!! Just in case you guys want to know what happened, you can view the full explanation from the CPR staff here. I will quickly summarize the events over the past week and continue with the  Fall Fair walk through, click to read more!

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Rockhopper is here!

Hello, fellow penguins! What?? Multiple posts on one day?? That’s right. A lot of things have been happening around the island, including the new pin, play, and now, Rockhopper! In preparation for The Fair next week, RH has landed on the island early, and he brought along some cool new items! Check it out!

This also means Rockhopper may be appearing on the island for the party, so watch out! This is so awesome, I can’t wait for The Fair to begin already! I’ve only met RH once during CPR’s open beta party. Have you guys ever met Rockhopper?

-CPR Cheats Team