Rockhopper is here!

Hello, fellow penguins! What?? Multiple posts on one day?? That’s right. A lot of things have been happening around the island, including the new pin, play, and now, Rockhopper! In preparation for The Fair next week, RH has landed on the island early, and he brought along some cool new items! Check it out!

This also means Rockhopper may be appearing on the island for the party, so watch out! This is so awesome, I can’t wait for The Fair to begin already! I’ve only met RH once during CPR’s open beta party. Have you guys ever met Rockhopper?

-CPR Cheats Team



Ruby and the Ruby Stage Play: RUBY PIN + HIDDEN ITEMS!

There is a brand new play at the stage – Ruby and the Ruby! Click “read more” for your complete cheats guide!

Image result for ruby and the ruby

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September 2017 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Secrets

The newest furniture catalog is HERE! Click “Read more” to discover the locations of the 11 hidden items!

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Wilderness Expedition Walkthrough


Hello, penguins! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. ┬áIt’s been a while since I’ve last posted, as Max (wait, you aren’t Max? Nope, I’m actually the owner of this blog!) has been very successful in maintaining the blog during our boom phase, as he even got Penguin of the Week! Wow, I’m so proud of him. Anyways, since we try to post the latest updates as quickly as possible, we post about it as soon as it happens. So while logging on, I noticed the Wildness Expedition had started today, so let’s go over the party cheats, and the new pin location! Continue to read more… Continue reading “Wilderness Expedition Walkthrough”