Card Jitsu QUIZ!

To celebrate CP Rewritten launching Card Jitsu recently, CPR Cheats are holding a Card Jitsu themed quiz!

To enter the competition, just comment below with ALL 10 ANSWERS!

  1. When was Card Jitsu first launched on Club Penguin?
  2. What is the colour of the 6th Ninja Belt?
  3. What colour is Sensei’s penguin?
  4. In which month was Card Jitsu snow originally released on Club Penguin?
  5. What is the number of the highest level card you can have?
  6. What are the two stone statues of outside the Dojo?
  7. True or False: “Sensei is the oldest penguin in Club Penguin”.
  8. In total, how many belts can you earn?
  9. What is Sensei’s nickname for the penguins he trains?
  10. What is the rank of the following card?

The winner will receive a shoutout and special Ninja Trophy!

This competition ends next Sunday, August 27th!

Good luck!


Author: Mr Max

Hello there! My username is MrMax and I am a CPPS blogger - blogging all the cheats on CP Online, CP Universe and Pengur!

22 thoughts on “Card Jitsu QUIZ!”

  1. #1: November 17th, 2008
    #2: Red
    #3: Gray
    #4: May 23, 2013
    #5: Number 427
    #6: Puffles
    #7: True
    #8: 10 (if you count the ninja mask, if not, then the answer is 9)
    #9: Little grasshopper
    #10: Level 6


    1. For #9, when I said “Little grasshopper”, I left out something. I meant to add on to it the following, “(or just Grasshopper)”


  2. 1. november 17 2008
    2. red
    3. gray
    4. february (beta ) , may (full version)
    5. 12
    6. they are puffle statues made by sensei
    7. true
    8. 9
    9. grasshopper
    10. 6


  3. 1. November 17th, 2008
    2. Red
    3. Sensei Gray, an exclusive to only him
    4. May of 2013
    5. 12
    6. They are two puffles peacefully sitting with their eyes closed
    7. True
    8. 9
    9. Grasshopper
    10. 6


  4. So uuuhh this might sound odd to you Mr Max but since u are now a member of the POTW society i kinda need to know if u have a discord or not, if u don’t i recommend u make one for certain reasons
    -SnippitySnap (POTW #16)


  5. 1.November 17 2008
    5. Twelve. An example is the famous “Sensei” card, but there are others.
    7.In CPR aunt arctic is P1, but in club penguin, he is said to be the oldest, so true
    8. Nine
    9. Grasshopper
    10. It is rated Six


  6. Congratulations on Penguin of the Week, I would highly recommend creating a Discord account though!

    Nice idea on this quiz by the way, but I would highly recommend you make it so that you need to approve all comments and then only approve them once the competition is over.

    As for the answers…

    1: November 17th 2008
    2: Red
    3: Sensei Gray (official title)
    4: May (though the beta was in February)
    5: 12 (or 14 if you win with a power card that adds two to your score, however that isn’t specifically a card)
    6: Two puffle statues
    7: True
    8: 9 (excluding the ninja mask)
    9: Grasshopper
    10: 6

    Thank you very much! 🙂

    -Torres 126


  7. these are my answers for the card-jitsu quiz

    my club penguin username is: multicolor

    1: card jitsu was originally released in club penguin on November 17, 2008

    2: the sixth ninja belt is the red belt

    3: sensei’s penguin color is sensei grey

    4: card jitsu snow was originally released in February 2013

    5: the highest number card you can get is 12

    6: the stone statues resemble puffle

    7: true

    8: 9 belts

    9: grasshopper

    10: number six


  8. 1. November 17th, 2008
    2. Red
    3. Gray
    4. May 23, 2013
    5. Number 427
    6. Puffles
    7. True
    8. 10 (if you count the ninja mask, if not, then the answer is 9)
    9. Little grasshopper
    10. Level 6


  9. Card-Jitsu Quiz! My answers:
    1. Card-Jitsu was first launched on November 17, 2008.
    2. The colour of the 6th Ninja Belt is green.
    3. Sensei’s penguin is gray.
    4. February (The Beta) (May was the full release).
    5. 12 is the highest level card number.
    6. Club Penguin stone statues are puffles (old ones it seems).
    7. True.
    8. In total, I can earn 9 belts.
    9. Sensei’s nickname for the penguins he trains is ‘grasshoppers’.
    10. The rank of that card is 6.
    P.S. Sorry, had to post this again…I posted on the wrong place last time :/.


  10. 1. card jitsu first started on November 17th, 2008.
    2. the color of the 6th belt is red.
    3.Senseis color is grey.
    4. February (was the beta) May (the full release).
    5. 12 is the highest card number in card jitsu.
    6. The statues outside the dojo are puffles.
    7. It is true that sensei is the oldest penguin.
    8. You can earn 9 belts.
    9. Sensei calls his students “grasshoppers”.
    10. The rank of the card is power 6.


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