CP Online Cheats: Marvel Superhero Takeover Cheats & FULL GUIDE

The highly anticipated CP Online Marvel Superhero Takeover has arrived! Continue reading for the FULL CHEATS GUIDE!

When you logon, you will immediately be greeted by Aunt Arctic, who explains that Thanos is collecting the 6 infinity stones to destroy the Club Penguin Island!

Click on the Infinity Gauntlet in the top right hand corner to view all the infinity stones.

You will also be able to visit Wakanda from the infinity gauntlet tab.

There are tons of decorated rooms, including the Pizza Parlour, which features a bank! Here you will be able to collect a free money bag.

There is a secret tunnel at the Cove, which takes you to a Robot Factory. However, this feature does not work.


There is a cannon at the Beach, which will take you to the helicarrier!

 Are you enjoying the Marvel Superhero Takeover? What’s your favourite bit? Comment below!

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Author: Mr Max

Hello there! My username is MrMax and I am a CPPS blogger - blogging all the cheats on CP Online, CP Universe and Pengur!

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