Music Jam 2020 Walkthrough

Hello everyone!! The long-anticipated Music Jam is finally here. This update includes several new items to obtain, awesome new room decorations, and even a few free items! As always, keep reading to find out more.

When you first log on, make sure you click the icon on the top right; it has a palm tree on it and is next to the moderator badge. Keep checking this every day, since you’ll be able to pick up a new free item for every day of the party! The first two are already available: a Sunset Flower background and a Bubble Gum face item!

After that, click the yellow catalog on the bottom right. You’ll be able to purchase a bunch of great week one items (there will be new items added for week two of the party!) as well as the All Access Pass. You’ll need this pass to access both the backstage area at the Dock and the Nightclub Roof!

Once you pick up all of these items and the pass, head to the Nightclub Roof, where you’ll be able to get the Boombox:

After that, waddle on over to the Dock and click on the DJ Maxx character on stage. There’s a hidden background there!

Once you go backstage (again, make sure you have the All Access Pass first!), you’ll see a box of instruments on the far left side of the room. There are two hidden items that you can obtain by clicking anywhere on the first word, “MUSIC,” at the top of the instrument catalog:

That’s about it for all of the items you can get for now! Don’t worry though, there will be new free items each day as well as a variety of new items in the catalog when week two of the party rolls around. Stay tuned for those!

Don’t forget to check out our Discord for more live updates and to join the fun! We track mascots as well, and Penguin Band and Cadence are confirmed to be making appearances at this year’s Music Jam, so make sure you join and pick up that Mascot Updates role to be notified of when they come on and where they’ll be during their visits.

Until next time! Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: Kidguin

Moderator of CPR Cheats

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