Migrator’s Arrival along with a new colour vote!

Hello Penguins! Music Jam has just ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Continue reading to find more about Rockhopper’s arrival and the colour vote! Continue reading “Migrator’s Arrival along with a new colour vote!”


Puffle Launch Launching – New Pin – New Items

Hello Penguins! There are big updates going on today! Club Penguin Rewritten Team has released a new pin, as well as a new game! Continue reading to find more about the update! Continue reading “Puffle Launch Launching – New Pin – New Items”

Jammin’ Up Music[Music Jam 2017 Walkthrough & New Play in Stage]

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Hello Penguins! After some small delay of a handful of hours, the 2017 Music Jam is finally here, ready to jam us up! There are many great things to do during this party, which will last until the 25th of June. Continue reading for a complete walkthrough! Continue reading “Jammin’ Up Music[Music Jam 2017 Walkthrough & New Play in Stage]”

June’s Penguin Style and Better Igloos and May’s Snow and Sports Catalogue Secret Items

Howdy Penguins! I was asked to make a post for the latest Secret Items, as I had forgotten to do so, thus I’m going to do it now! Continue Reading to find out where the Secret Items are hidden in this month’s catalogues! Continue reading “June’s Penguin Style and Better Igloos and May’s Snow and Sports Catalogue Secret Items”

Communication chat

Hello Penguins! Since I joined the CPR Cheats Team, I believe I have to do something so that everyone of us can communicate. Therefore, I hereby declare http://xat.com/CPRewrittenCheats our official communication chat box! Please come online to the chat below and hang out with other Penguins!

To activate chat, type and enter anything in the text box. To change your name, click the (weird) word like “DimpleDips” or “SnookeyPie” under “CPR Penguins” on the top right corner.

Click here for full-size chat


Lego~CPRewritten Cheats Author

Music Jam Scavenger Hunt Walk-through – New Pin

Hello everyone! I am a new author, called Lego. I will post quite a lot here, so I’m glad I have you guys to read my posts!

On the 7th of June, Club Penguin Rewritten released not only a new pin, but a scavenger hunt for the upcoming Music Jam, which will start on the 14th. In this hunt we have to find 7 musical instruments hidden around the island. I’m here to show you where those items are. Continue reading please! Continue reading “Music Jam Scavenger Hunt Walk-through – New Pin”