New CPR Pin + Penguin Play Awards WALKTHROUGH!

Continue reading for the latest CPR pin and the complete cheats guide to the Penguin Play Awards…!

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One Year Anniversary Party FULL GUIDE!

CP Rewritten is celebrating it’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! There’s new stamps, free items, pins and much more to discover! Continue reading for your FULL GUIDE:

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Winter Party Preparation: New Mascot and Free Item!

Preparation for the Winter Party has begun, and this involves a brand new Mascot and a Free Item for everyone to collect!

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Winter Fiesta Cheats & New Pin Location

The first CP Rewritten party of 2018 has arrived… and it’s the Winter Fiesta! Continue reading for all the cheats, as well as the new pin location!

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Christmas Party Walkthrough: New Pin, Free Items

The 2017 CP Rewritten Christmas Party has ARRIVED! With lots of festive rooms to explore, we have you covered with this complete walk-through!

Image result for christmas party club penguin logo

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