Jammin’ Up Music[Music Jam 2017 Walkthrough & New Play in Stage]

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Hello Penguins! After some small delay of a handful of hours, the 2017 Music Jam is finally here, ready to jam us up! There are many great things to do during this party, which will last until the 25th of June. Continue reading for a complete walkthrough! Continue reading “Jammin’ Up Music[Music Jam 2017 Walkthrough & New Play in Stage]”

Communication chat

Hello Penguins! Since I joined the CPR Cheats Team, I believe I have to do something so that everyone of us can communicate. Therefore, I hereby declare http://xat.com/CPRewrittenCheats our official communication chat box! Please come online to the chat below and hang out with other Penguins!

To activate chat, type and enter anything in the text box. To change your name, click the (weird) word like “DimpleDips” or “SnookeyPie” under “CPR Penguins” on the top right corner.

Click here for full-size chat


Lego~CPRewritten Cheats Author

Cove 10th Anniversary Party + New Pin

Hey Everyone,

I sincerely apologize for not posting over the past couple of weeks. No, I have not forgotten about this blog nor am I dead. Shortly after the Medieval Party began, my computer malfunctioned as I was trying to get on for the party to post the cheats. There was a problem with the hardware that needed to be fixed, and such took a very long time to do so. As a result of that, I completely missed not only the Medieval Party, but the CPR Improvement Project as well. It is very tragic that happened. On behalf of myself, once again I apologize to all my readers and I will try to resume posting as usual. In the future, I may consider hiring authors for this blog in case of an incident like this happens again (hopefully not). This will depend if anyone is willing to volunteer and would be determined on the amount of applicants. Thank you for continuing to read our blog.

With that being said, CPR Cheats is back! Just in time for the Cove’s 10th anniversary. Let’s go over the latest updates:

  1. There is a new unlock items code. The code is “COVEPARTY” and unlocks the orange water wings.

2. There two free items for this celebration. The first one, the whistle, is at the Forest.

The life ring is at the Cove.

3) Lastly, there is a new pin. It is a Starfish and it is located at the Dock. A new pin is hidden every two weeks.

That’s all for today’s cheats. Stay tuned for new catalog cheats and upcoming updates.

-CPR Cheats Team

May Catalog Cheats + Updates

Howdy, CPR users! It is now May, which means new catalogs in the Gift Shop and your igloo! Check out the construction going on the island:

Could this be the preparation of the Medieval Party? Here are this months catalog cheats. Click on an image to zoom in. Penguin Style:

Better Igloos:

What do you guys think of this months catalog? I think it fits really well with the upcoming party! Stay tuned for updates.

-CPR Cheats Team

New Pin – Pizza pin!

Howdy all, happy Saturday! As we conclude the Earth Day party, there has been a new pin hidden on the island. Based on the title, can you guess where you can find it? That’s right, the Pizza Parlor! It’s hidden on the first table. Can you spot it?

Yup, it’s on the plate. Very clever spot to hide a pin. Fun fact: It is Club Penguin’s 4th pin and it was hidden around this time 11 years ago to celebrate the opening of the pizza parlor. Yum, this pizza is making me hungry! Better go order some now!

-CPR Cheats Team

Easter Egg scavenger hunt cheats

Howdy all! I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. I’m happy to announce that CPR is officially back. You might have noticed that CPR was down for a few days because there was a recent vulnerability in the database that made it possible to log in to any any account without a password.  You can read the full story for the details at the official CPR community blogIt is heavily recommended that you change your password as soon as possible. The CPR team has just added this function which you can access here.

Now, let’s get on with the post! When you first login, you will be greeted with a new postcard saying that the hunt is from April 12th to the 16th.  This was originally supposed to be the date and it did start on time, but got cut shortly after due to the recent incident. The hunt will likely be for another few days.

Let’s start by picking up the newest pin for the next few weeks. You can find it at the Forest. It is a chocolate bunny.


  1. Now, let’s start the hunt! The first clue reads, “To find this egg just take a glance, at the building where you’d go to dance.” Head over to the Town and click on the right speaker and the egg will pop up.


2. The second clue reads, “You’ll find this egg spends its day, floating in waves where the penguins play.” Hmm, where can I find waves? The cove! Look above the Catchin’ Waves poster on the bottom right hand corner.


3. The third clue reads, “Now here’s an egg that is in the mood, to a be a cavern surfer dude.” This one is a bit tricky. Head over to the Mine, and look above the entrance to the Cave Mine. Look carefully and you will see the egg.


4.  The fourth clue reads, “This next egg has made its home, near two great puffles made of stone.” This will be the Dojo Courtyard. You will find the egg on the right side of the door.


5. The fifth clue reads, “All day long this next egg has sat, snug underneath a warm fuzzy hat.” Where can we find hats? The gift shop, of course! When you get there, click on the grey fuzzy hat on the left of the chairs.


6. The sixth clue reads, “By glowing fire in a comfy space, this egg’s in a fishy place.” Where can we catch fish? If you guessed Ski Lodge, you’re right! Move your cursor over the Gone Fishing door, and the egg will appear in the basket next to it.


7. The seventh clue reads, “To add this egg to your collections, find a sign that gives directions.” This will be the Ski Hill. Click on the signs and the egg will pop right up.


8. The eighth and final clue reads, “The last egg hides in a guiding light, you can’t find it if it’s too bright.” Head over to the beacon. As the clue reads, you will not find the egg if the light is turned on. Simply click the switch to release the final egg.


Congratulations! You have completed the Easter Egg scavenger hunt. If done right, you will be greeted with this sign where you can claim your prize, the Pink Bunny Ears!


That’s all for the scavenger hunt! We will give you the updates on the upcoming Earth Day party as well. Enjoy!

April Fools Party 2017 + Catalog Cheats!

Hey all! First off, I would like to apologize for the delays in updates. Recently, CPR’s popularity has blown off the roof and this has been causing connectivity issues because of the many players that are on in a short time at once. This has prevented me from logging on to the server because I was unable to connect. After a long period of downtime, I was finally able to get on. Also, I am very glad to hear that there’s some penguins out there that I have helped. I apologize that I may not always be up to date due to my busy schedule but I’ll try my best as always, so please bear with me. We are slowly becoming the #1 cheats site for CPR. Thank you for your patience.

Now with that being said, let’s get on with this months cheats! First, you can find the newest pin at the Book Room. It is a Crayon. Remember that a new pin is hidden every two weeks.


After you’ve gotten the pin, head over to the Ski Village for the Red Propeller Cap.

Then go to the Dock and pick up the Box Shoes.

Next, head over to the Cove and collect your Swirly Glasses.

Now, head over to the Snow Forts and enter the box dimension. Enter the box with the Jester hat on it. Walk over to the King Jester Hat and collect it.

Next, go back to the Box Dimension and go inside the portal with the barrel on it. Once inside, you are separated by a mini-maze of barrels. To get to the item in the cage, keep going through the barrels until you get to the top. This will require a bit of time. Once up, hit the switch and collect the Box Hat.

Finally, head over to the portal with the cactus on it and click the sign that says “Shop” there. To get the Box Costume, click on the “o” in store.


To access this special room in the box dimension, put all your box items on. This would be the box hat, costume, and shoes. Awesome!

That’s all for the cheats in this party. Did you know the free items are all mixed from different April Fools’ Parties?

Now it’s time for the newest Penguin Style catalog cheats. The numbers indicated on the page represented the hidden item on this list. You may click the pictures to enlarge.


  1. Pink Cowgirl Hat (250 C)
  2. Pink Cowgirl Shirt (300 C)
  3. Black Cowboy Hat (250 C)
  4. Zeus The Moose Head (450 C)
  5. 3D Glasses (50 C)
  6. The Squid Lid Hat (150 C)
  7. Yellow Raincoat (450 C)
  8. White Cocoa Bunny Head (250 C)
  9. White Cocoa Bunny Costume (550 C)
  10. Flower Hat (75 C)
  11. Green Rubber Boots (280 C)
  12. Yellow Rubber Boots (280 C)
  13. Cheesy Necktie (125 C)
  14. Smiley Necktie (125 C)
  15. Blue Duffle Coat (750 C)
  16. Mullet Necktie (125 C)
  17. Black Glasses (225 C)
  18. The Side Swept (350 C)

That’s all for the latest updates on CPR! April fools! Have fun!

P.S. There is are new Unlock Items Online codes! To access it, on the login page, click on “Unlock Items Online” in the top right and log in with your penguin. The codes are “REDHOCKEY” and “BLUEHOCKEY”. These unlocks will give you the red and blue jersey respectively. These codes along with the previous ones are included in the newly added Item Codes page on this website, and will be updated to include the most recent codes available.

P.S.S Check out the secret Improvement Project the CPR team is working on. According to CPR’s Twitter, this project is to upgrade the CPR servers and is set to launch in a few days and will need testers.  You can check it out here. We’ll let you know when you can register and as more information releases soon.