This is the list of most commonly asked questions that are answered by the CPR Team.  We can confirm that the answers listed are 100% legible. You may also ask the official staff on their Twitter page here.

1.  Is CP Rewritten updated regularly?

Yes. The game works similarly to Club Penguin itself, as frequent updates are made regarding to parties, events, catalogs, etc.

2.  How do I get coins/items?

You cannot add coins, so you earn coins by playing games. You get items by purchasing them in the Penguin Style catalog.

3. How do I submit a bug?

You can report a bug to the team via their official Twitter (link above) or on Discord. You can view a list of current bugs being worked on here.

4. Can I transfer items from my original CP account?

You can no longer do transfers from your account as the original CP has discontinued. Even if you have proof of your penguin’s age, the CPR team has disabled transferring.

5. How do I become an agent?

For the EPF, there are two ways. For the first way, you need someone who is already an agent to send you an invitation. You may get one by just asking people around. Or, there is a secret not many know about to become an agent right from the beginning. To do this, go to the Book Room, click on the bookshelf, and select the yearbook from 2009-2010. Go to June 2010 page. See the agent holding the phone? Click on it and it should light up. Now see where it says the Everyday Phoning Facility sign? Click the first letter in every word and a secret message should pop up inviting you to join the EPF. For the PSA, please refer to this post.