Continue reading to find out exactly where to find the Christmas Wreath Pin!

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December 2017 Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats

A new Snow and Sports catalog has been released today on CPR – continue reading for all the secret item locations!

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CPR UNLOCK CODES: All the currently available codes!

CPR have been releasing unlock codes since their launch, but only SEVEN CODES are still available to use! Continue reading to find out exactly which items you can still obtain!

Club Penguin Codes

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CPR have released a brand new pin today – the First Aid pin! Continue reading for it’s location!

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NEW UNLOCK CODE: Elite Body Armor

CPR have released a new unlock code for Operation Blackout! Continue reading for more info!

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Operation Blackout: Item Guide

Operation Blackout is HERE, and I have you covered with a complete guide to all the items you can collect for now!

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