February 2018 Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats/Secrets

A brand new Snow and Sports Catalog has been released on CP Rewritten, and it’s full with lots of hidden items! Continue reading to know exactly where they are…

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New CPR Pin + Penguin Play Awards WALKTHROUGH!

Continue reading for the latest CPR pin and the complete cheats guide to the Penguin Play Awards…!

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NEW CPR UNLOCK CODE: Glowing Grid Jacket

Continue reading for the LATEST CPR unlock items code!

Note: See all the codes on the Item Codes page. 

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One Year Anniversary Party FULL GUIDE!

CP Rewritten is celebrating it’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! There’s new stamps, free items, pins and much more to discover! Continue reading for your FULL GUIDE:

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February 2018 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Secrets

The February furniture catalog has arrived on CP Rewritten, so continue reading for all the secrets/cheats…

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February 2018 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Continue reading for all the latest Penguin Style catalog cheats!


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