Unlock Codes

The codes on this page are all of the currently available codes. Any other codes are no longer available and have expired.

How to enter a code:

Step 1: Log into your account.

Step 2: On the servers page, click the “Unlock Items Online” logo in the top right hand corner.

Step 3: Click “I have a code” and enter the code.

Club Penguin Rewritten 

      FREEHOOD – UK Hoodie

     FREEHOOD2 – Green Crosshatched Hoodie

     HIDDENPUFFLE – Flare Puffle

     BUILDERS – Hard Hat and Safety Vest

     ONLINESAFETY – Laptop

     CARDJITSU – Stone Ninja Suit

Club Penguin Online

Available codes:

Clothing Icon 14729Pink Hip Hop Hoodie clothing icon ID 14730Image result for cp coin code     CPONLINE300K – Blue Hip Hop Hoodie, Pink Hip Hop Hoodie and 3,000 coins!

Brown Skater Cap iconWhite Parka Icon 14035Image result for cp coin code     CPONLINE100K – Brown Skater Cap, White Parka and 2,500 coins


There are currently no unlock codes.